Monday, November 14, 2011

Digital narratives

I have been working towards creating my lesson plans, an assessment rubric and resources to support the students in their creation of a digital narrative. I am not sure if they have already created on before, so I am planning on opening the first lesson, with an introduction to digital narratives by showing them several examples from You Tube and Digital narrtive websites. I have booked the laptops, so the students can then explore the internet for other examples. The focus will be on them reflecting what works, and what doesn't in those that they find. The school uses Moodle, so I will have them comment on their Moodle page. I also have a fact booklet of major elements of digital storytelling to support their learning. There is so much information available on the web about it, that they can refer to. Hopefully the booklet will be a good first resource for them. It is too easy to get lost in the Web, even for secondary students.

The IT teacher will be showing them different software over the next five weeks that they can use. It is great to have the support of other departments. A grade 10 student has also been asked to come in to answer any questions about creating movies, videos and using tools such as photostory, movie maker etc.

Students will work in pairs, to create a digital narrative of the class text, The Lodger, choosing from any of the motifs they have studied over the course of this unit.

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